would a king cobra kill an elephant

By | May 27, 2022

Display the contents of large text documents in multiple window (up to 1000), and support all unicode characters.

Display the most important search hits in the top line.

Drag and drop support for opening text documents from other applications.

Supports double-click to open text documents.

View documents in hex or decimal, as well as 7-bit ASCII text mode.

Support graphic fonts such as PostScript, TrueType, Type 1, and OpenType.

Build in code editor for quick editing and comment.

Support for user-defined format options.

Search text documents with a regular expression engine.

Automatically stop background indexing when document is opened or closed.

Supports both keyboard and mouse for document opening and closing.

View content of text documents in the clipboard.

Supports drag and drop between windows (up to 1000).

Support for many languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English.

Search in Unicode text documents.

Fast text document indexing to search document faster.

Support for multiple indexing methods.

Supports Unicode bidirectional text documents.

Supports UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 text documents.

Supports control character ranges (U+0000..U+001F) and code point ranges (U+0000..U+10FFFF).

Supports Encode Text.

Supports Unicode 8.1 character and emoji support.

Supports custom font and font size.

Hex mode or Decimal mode.

Support for heuristic word segmentation.

Support multiple custom line break characters.

Support for Unicode Ligatures.

Highlight the matched words in the hex, decimal, and Unicode modes.

Highlight the searched words and patterns.

Export the index to the CSV format, export list format, and export HTML format.

Import the CSV, export list, and HTML formats.

Export the search results to the text files.

Import the text file to the search result list.

Support the Unicode Emoji character.

Support the Unicode Hex character.

Adjust the scroll position of the displayed document.

Provide a user-defined default font.

Adjust the line space of the displayed document.

Support the mouse wheel.

Build in font size setting and format option 0cd6e936a3


* Create and manage your own personal database of code snippets and store them online for free.
* Generate your own unique user defined code snippets using Delphi or Pascal languages.
* Add comments to your snippets and make your code read like a story.
* Sort, filter and search your snippets using a variety of criteria.
* Preview and run your snippets directly from the database.
* Manage and find snippets across portable codes.
* Find cross references, dependencies and shared units in your snippets.
* Keep track of all the snippets you create and use across different computers.
* Back up your snippets database for safe keeping.
* Share your snippets with others by sending e-mails or by posting them online to the Internet.
* Import, search and export online databases with Portable Codesnip.

License:Shareware, $29.95 to buy it

Portable CSharp (by MxStef) 5.0.2

Portable CSharp is a free, open source project designed to enable cross platform development of applications in the C# programming language. Portable CSharp enables you to use C# programming on Windows-based or Unix-based systems using any compiler supporting C#. It is free of any manufacturer or distribution proprietary code and does not modify any components of the Windows operating system.

Portable CSharp Description:

* 100% open source and free to use.
* Run C# code on Windows and Unix-based systems.
* Compile to executable under Windows, Linux and Unix without any proprietary code.
* Self contained library for compiling and running your code.
* Save compilation time and generate cross platform ready executables.
* Set breakpoints and inspect variables in your compiled code.
* Compile and run projects using a single command.
* Load and unload assemblies easily.
* Subsystems management.
* Sharing source code easily.
* The ability to use embedded datasets.
* The ability to create Windows Forms applications.
* The ability to create console applications.
* The ability to create custom controls.

License:Free to try, $24.95 to buy it

Portable Google Earth (by MxStef) 5.0.2

Portable Google Earth is an application allowing you to use Google Earth’s services on your Windows-based or Unix-based systems. Portable Google Earth is 100% open source, free to use and does