Windows 7 Loader V1.9.7-DAZ (32Bit-64Bit) PATCHED

By | September 9, 2022

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Windows 7 Loader V1.9.7-DAZ (32Bit-64Bit)

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Conservation of energy in space, equal and opposite forces and the concept of “at rest”

While reading some basic physics content I have come across some things that I don’t really understand.

For a system in space with energy.
If there is a system in space with a potential energy, there must be equal and opposite forces acting on the object. And it is this process which is obviously what causes the object to move in space.
I also understand that this is related to the concept of “equal and opposite forces”. If we look at the above example, all the forces acting on the object (the forces that are described as “equal and opposite”) are all parallel to each other and at the same height.
Since all of these forces are coming from the same source (potential energy) then doesn’t this mean that the object wouldn’t really be able to remain “at rest”?


The body of the object is not moving at all, just as if it were grounded.
When we use $F=ma$, we are just summing forces on the object. To have a net force, we do have to make some objects exert forces on other objects. This can be done by a potential energy as in the above case, or it can be done by imagining applying a force to an object (and our entire system). In both cases, the forces on the objects sum up to a net force.
However, if we were to observe this from the outside, if we were out