The best music-related films and TV shows to watch on Netflix UK

By | March 11, 2021

After keeping an eye on the best music-related films already available to stream on Amazon Prime UK, our attention now turns to Netflix.

The service has produced a volley of its own music TV shows and documentaries (some of which are included in this list), as well as harvesting some complete treatments from elsewhere.

More than being something on this list for everyone, we think every music fan will find something in each of them that doesn’t matter their taste.

Originally aired on HBO, the four-part series, The Different On Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine and rapper and record producer Drs. Chart the partnership between Dre.

Being a music documentary, it is a story of entrepreneurship and how an artwork helped to build an empire for two pioneers.

climb down

The 11-episode drama by Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adley Guirgis, cut with actual footage from 1970s New York, is a type of fictional retailing of hip-hop beginnings.

Executive produced by Grandmaster Flash and narrated by NAS, you realize that if these people don’t do it right then hopefully it will happen sometime.

Song blast

This person began life as a podcast before being picked up by Netflix. The idea is that artists separate their own tracks, discuss inspiration and how it was written and recorded; This is a kind of nuanced insight that you don’t find in a normal documentary or biopic.

Now in its second series on Netflix, Song Exploder features artists as diverse as R.E.M., Dua Lipa, Alicia Keys, Nine Inch Nails, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. It can continue for a long time.

Inaugural 2015 Sundance Film Festival, What Happened, Miss Simon? Documents Nina Simone’s unique talent and uncontrollable personality.

Released later that same year by Netflix, the film (and the light touch of Liz Garbus), won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Direction.

This sample

“When Cool Herc found Apache, he was a heavy guard,” Grandmaster Flash explained what Hi-Fi is all about. “You’ll never see the album cover where it came from.”

Described in the film as the most important record in hip-hop, the incomparable Bongo has been sampled hundreds of times by the genre’s most serene artists since the band’s Apache. Sample It is both a celebration of its story and culture that helps to make it inadvertently.


Quincy Jones is the subject of this two-hour documentary made by Netflix, celebrating her extraordinary life as a trumpeter, producer, conductor, musician and explorer of the arrangers as well as some of the biggest artists of the last century .

It might not draw much new ground for those already read on the US icon – you try to cover more than 80 years in 120 minutes – but it’s an undeniably entertaining watch you’ll often find Will be able to sing along with you.

Rolling Thunder Review: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Borsay

Although the title of this 2019 Netflix release seems to give it all away, the combination of documentary and narrative is refreshing on a music legend who has already been the subject of a large number of films.

Covering Bob Dylan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder Review Tour, Martin Scorsese’s tech mixed with real interviews such as Joan Bays, Alan Ginsberg and Dylan, portraying characters with actors not actually involved in the tour Were.


Whether you love them, loathe them or remain completely obscure, the early rise of Oasis was difficult to deny, rather impressive. The supersonic spats, headline-hungry barbs and cutting-edge artistry avoid short attention to how the band became the biggest in the UK in just a few years.

If nothing else, it is a harmless film for a more hopeful time, when what we are experiencing right now would sound too ridiculous for a disaster film.

Nas: Time is Illicit

Some albums, iconic or not, seem worthy of their own documentary, but NAS’s Illmatic is definitely one. In less than an hour, the Time Izmatic chart shows the circumstances for Nasir Jones’ seminal debut album, its creation and its impact on the East Coast hip-hop and wider music world.

Rapture may also want to check out a series of Netflix shows in which hip-hop artists share their life stories and discuss the impact of their work on popular culture, even more after the Brooklyn rapper.