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Roblox is a social platform that allows users to create their own games and play a variety of different games created by other users.
The user interface is a mixture of pre-programmed game elements and user-added game pieces. The user can create a new game of their own design within a few minutes by combining elements that they create with custom-designed widgets. The user can then create a variety of game mechanics using the in-game programming editor. After creating a game, the user can allow their players to experience it in a sandbox environment with all aspects of the game left up to the players, this is called “Imaginary Playground”. The user can choose to either further modify the sandbox or begin the full game by uploading their game to the website. Once on the website, players can also join other user-created games or play multiplayer versions of user-created games.
Roblox was founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel with the goal of allowing people to create their own games. The initial product was a website in which users could create simple Flash games that other users could play. In 2006, the platform was released as an internal Microsoft game development platform, and the website was redesigned to include a game-creation tool. The tools have since evolved to allow for a variety of different game genres to be programmed by the user.
Before the release of the Roblox video game and programming platform, the company released several proprietary toys, including Lava Bodies in 2006. While the company had recently focused on games, it rebranded to Roblox after integrating games and the in-game programming API into the company. When Roblox released its first game in 2007, it was a simple racing game, based on the Adventure Time video game franchise. Between 2007 and 2009, the company released a series of games based on the 1950s board game Clue.
In 2010, two games were released which helped the company to gain popularity. Roblox Star Wars was released in 2010 as a tie-in to the Star Wars franchise. The user created the landscapes and the user created the game content, while the Roblox game engine controlled the gameplay. The success of the Star Wars game helped the company to sell the game engine and other game tools to third-party companies. In 2011, the film The Muppets was released as a tie-in to the film. Roblox did not produce the game. The Muppets game was a cross-platform


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Date published: 2015-10-18

How to get extra robux

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You can get extra free Robux by reaching certain level in your account, check the guide and help article here:

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There are a few ways to get free Robux. An easy way would be just playing, win, losing, etc. As long as you have extra Robux on your account, you can use them any time you need. There are also ways to get free robux, which involves bonus robux you receive through in-game events. Robux can also be redeemed for in-game items, such as the Robux soda and coffee shop located in each city. These are just a couple of ways you can get free robux.

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Try to listen to your friends, play your games and complete them. After completing the game or activities in your games, you’ll get extra roblox free.

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Best way is just to play, no bots, no people, no other add-ons. Get in a play day with your friends and robs should be free.

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Roblox is a free open-world creation platform.

Roblox allows you and your friends to build immersive 3D experiences. There are no limits to the experiences you can create so your imagination can run wild. Jump into amazing adventures, role-play with friends, compete in fierce multiplayer battles, and experience real-time collaboration.

Manage the characters on your team

Project your scene anywhere with Projector mode

Create everything from theme parties to monster truck battles

Local, private or public games


Roblox is a free, open-world creation platform that allows users to develop and play online 3D games on the same account.

stuck on a level? Talk to your friends about where to go and they may show you the solution. Remember to invite your friends in Limited mode, if they are using this Add-on.

Wanna chat? It’s so easy!

Most apps require permission to access contacts and call/sms.

This is not a mobile/android game.

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