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By | September 11, 2022

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my computer is XP sp3 and I want to connect my laptop to the internet through the pc. how do I do it?

I want to share the connection and files between the pc and my laptop which has a wireless PCI card.

Since I did this, I cannot connect my PC to the internet from my laptop. I did it again and it is not working. I followed all the steps that I saw on this blog. How do I solve it? What should I do?


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How to define a property depending on the current user in a role?

Sorry if my english is poor.
Here is the context :
I have a Magento 2.2.6 installation. I create 3 custom roles (A, B, C) and 3 custom users (A, B, C) associated to the roles.
One of the custom user (C) must have read-only access to a form in the backend.
I tried to follow the doc ( but I don’t know how to do :

Can I use a static method to define my properties depending on the current user?
How to define it for each column?
How to manage the permissions of each column (except in the frontend)?

EDIT : I did not find any static method which can be used to define permissions depending on the current user.


You can use static methods to get user data:
\Magento\User\Model\User $user = $this->user->loadByUserName(‘magento’);
$roles = $user->getRoles();

In this case $roles would be an array of roles assigned to the user.
So you can use a static method like loadByUserName() to fetch the user data and based on your logic decide what to set/display.
You can use ACL to define permissions (on frontend and backend) if you do not need them set via roles. Just use a simple array of the allowed actions.

So in your example for your custom role create a class like
Class CustomRole{
public function save()
$user = $