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# Adobe Illustrator Elements

* **Creative Cloud Libraries:

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General features:

– File version, including everything from the original image to the new image, so you can track each change to the image.

– Tools with which you can resize, rotate, crop, sharpen or adjust the brightness and contrast.

– Editing layers so you can see the image layers all the way from the background to the foreground.

– Background replacement and pattern selection so you can replace the background, add new, or combine various backgrounds.

– Improved “Magic Wand” tool that can select similar colors; range adjustments so you can expand or contract a selection; “Auto Color Selection” tool; color-management tools for precise color control.

– Easy to use, even for a beginner.

– 90-day trial, but you must purchase the regular version to unlock the trial. There are no restrictions on importing images.

– Time saver options that you can turn on for automatic actions.

– Copy and paste new image so you can duplicate a page layout.

– Edit text and resize the fonts.

– Zoom in and out for detailed work.

– Built-in dictionary so you can search and find all the technical terms and names for better presentations.

– USB interface so you can run Photoshop on a Windows computer without installing.

– An extensive selection of preset image styles and tools to make working with images fast and easy.

– Live View so you can correct your image as you work.

– Online tutorials and training at this website.

– Advanced options that you can use to correct problems such as color and exposure, work with multiple files and undo mistakes.

– Support for Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

– Improved import and export so you can work with large image files.

– Image exporting to JPEG, PNG or TIFF so you can share the images with others.

– File format: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and PSD (Photoshop)


– Russian

– Spanish

– Spanish (Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain, the US)

– English

– Italian

– French

– Dutch

– Swedish

– Polish

– Czech

– Hungarian

– Portuguese

– Romanian

– Romanian (Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain)

– Romanian (Poland)

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18. The Healing Brush tool allows you to quickly perform adjustments or corrections to images.
19. The Magic Wand Tool allows you to select an area of an image and to use the Color Sampler to pick a color. You can then use the Tool option on the right side of the work area and select a new color or gradient.
20. The Spot Healing Brush tool allows you to make adjustments to small areas of an image that are mostly white.
21. The Sketch Tool allows you to create simple line art and then color in the image.
22. The Text tool allows you to add text to the image. The text settings can be saved and loaded, or you can create a text layer that you can edit in a drawing tool such as Illustrator.

## Fotolibro

Launched in 1994, Fotolibro offers a massive library of thousands of free images. Millions of images are released monthly on the site. As a member, you can access thousands of free vector illustrations as well as animated videos, film and music soundtrack. The site is organized into the following categories:
1. People
2. Landscapes
3. Atmosphere
4. Still Life
5. Animals
6. Architecture
7. Portrait
8. Nature
9. Food
10. Shopping
11. Objects
12. Flowers
13. Art & Crafts
14. Movies

To launch the main page, simply click on the Fotolibro icon at the top of your browser. When you arrive at the main page, scroll down to find the category of images that you are interested in. For example, I selected the Landscape category and the Boston skyline. When I entered the city, I found a collection of over 20 black-and-white pictures:

* * *

**Note:** At that time, a single image usually had between two and five subcategories.

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