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* Adding more user friendly features and performance improvements
* Adding community powered events
* Tutorials for social things (chatting with people/friends, group chatting, and much more)
* Advanced game features (Online Game bots/minions/creative)
* Third person camera support
* New items in shop
* New music system
* The beginning of a new series of events
* Groups being able to make titles for every week
* Purchase and Use the new ‘Add’ button
* No more event / Group name limit
* Chat already supported
* Second person camera support (Both talking to people or playing with them in a game)
* Social hubs & updated profile page
* Pending a lot of requests, voice chat support
* Community events, and much more
== Rambles ==
When I started making these rambles I was looking for a more classy design. I liked the look of the messages on the black background but wanted to make it more elegant. After a while I started making a uniform design for the entire site, I moved the chat box to the left side of the site, created a custom logo in the top-left corner of the site, and designed a different banner.
Trashify is an event where users can create a title for every week. You can’t name the event anything that is already in use, so if you are not an admin please make a dummy title and remove it later. If you are an admin, please let the community know what you are going to name the event. Also, the event is based on the calendar, but that doesn’t have to be March 21, just use what you want!
The Trashify event ended and I created Trashify2, which is an event where users can add things to their boards to be liked by the community. Just make sure that it’s not in any other event’s description already! For more info, look at the trashify2 description for the example.
Trashify3 was created for a new event which I haven’t posted yet. So why is this one different than Trashify? Well,


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So, I put my game into the review section and i will tell you how it was. First and foremost is that this game will work on both androids and iPhones; after all, its sort of a universal game. Secondly, it’s a freaking amazing game, I’ve never played one of these that was this good. Although it is short it is extremely addicting, you can play it for over a hour nonstop without getting bored at all and the game is fun no matter what mode you are playing. You have the option to play against the computer on multiplayer or to play against your friends on multiplayer. You can even unlock new levels with games you have downloaded like Pocky. If you have any sort of smartphone you should try out this game, however I suggest to at least buy the battle pass for $40 if you want to see extra stuff like even new weapons, vehicles, characters, and extra weapons. Lastly, for $30 you can get a ton of game time, all I’m saying is to keep in mind that this game works with your phone’s data.

Granted the servers might become full, but I think there should be enough time to upload and download to your phone.

After a very long time my loyal readers, time for an update. This is a summary of the updates that happened since my last post.
I managed to survive high level bosses. Not very long and I took down the ‘Lord’ again.
I completed the mini game shops for Fire and Ice.
I was able to help some of my player friends with their game in progress.
I finished the main story and I went to the Underground.
You will see some of these things in the next post.

NEW!! The next time you go to your game, you’ll see the new shop where I was able to obtain an Iceaxe and Lynx.

And that is all I have for now. I will have more information for you on the next post, but for now, take care.


I’ve just arrived in the Underground with my ranger, and I’ve encountered some problems which I’m going to explain to


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