Crash Test a Drone New Roboniverse in San Diego

By | June 8, 2021

After launching the first series of conventions in both New York City and Seoul earlier this summer, leading expo maker Mecklermedia is now bringing the newly formed Robo Universe convention and expo to the West Coast of the United States.

Still in its first year of existence, the Robo Universe event will take over the San Diego Convention Center from December 14-16, and will focus exclusively on the industry-wide advancements of Service Robotics.

The conference will feature a plethora of interactive and educational speakers and demonstrations, including a complementary EZDrone crash course, where attendees will be given the opportunity to test-drive drones at the convention center throughout the week.

Richard Erb, Executive Director of Robo Universe, said, “As the industry’s leading service robotics trade show, Robo Universe showcases practical robot solutions and innovation trends across industries that improve the way people work, learn and live.” ”

Although the Robo Universe conference and expo focuses strictly on the application of robotic systems, there are few speakers representing the 3D printing side of such an emerging technology. Speaking on “Emerging technologies for flexible and agile manufacturing,” applications engineer Bethany L. of 3D printing company FATHOM.

Kesarez, while Tyler Benster, event coordinator for the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo, will be one of the acting judges for the Robogamechanger startup competition.

In addition to these aforementioned 3D printing, there will be other innovative technology pioneers like Chris Anderson (CEO of 3D Robotics), Charles Bergen (VP of Engineering at Qualcomm), Cynthia Brazile (Founder of Jibo).

This event will eventually detail how robotic systems have affected agriculture, drones, cognitive science, STEM education, and our society in general, be it robotics, 3D printing, IoT, or just anything involving technology in general. Has also become an interesting trade show for the individual.

After San Diego, RoboUniverse will fly to Singapore in January 2016, and then return for a second round to New York City during April 2016. RoboUniverse San Diego prices will go up tomorrow, so be sure to register today if you’re interested. Check out the latest robotic innovations! And be sure to enter the code “3DPI” for 10% off.