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WhatsApp to Warn Businesses Violating its Commerce Policy, Developing New ‘Kept’ Messages Section: Report

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature to warn businesses that violate the company’s Commerce Policy, according to details shared by a feature tracker. The warning will be visible above the chat list, informing companies regarding the Meta-owned firm’s policies and will be limited to WhatsApp Business accounts. Meanwhile, the messaging service is also working… Read More »

9 things to do at home before you leave for vacation

As you’re packing for your trip and quadruple-checking your luggage, it’s a good idea to prepare your home for your absence. From throwing away soon-to-expire food to making sure everything is safe and secure, doing some simple chores ahead of time can make a world of difference when you come back from vacation.  Here are nine… Read More »

This Smart Toaster Makes Perfect Toast

The Revolution InstaGlow R270 is one of the most premium toasters in the category. What makes it unique is its supersonic toasting speed and touchscreen just larger than an iPhone 13’s. The touchscreen helps you get the exact toast level by allowing you to choose from a variety of bread options and toast settings.  Revolution… Read More »

5 Nifty Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Relax and Unwind

Your smart home is convenient, dependable and, well, super smart. Usually your smart home devices — whether you own an Amazon Echo speaker, Google Nest speaker or a smart plug — help you in some way, including keeping you on task during the work day or making certain chores easier through voice commands. These are… Read More »

How Amazon Alexa Continues to Learn About India

Amazon Alexa has been in India for over four years now. The voice assistant, which initially debuted on Amazon Echo speakers, is currently available across a range of third-party devices including smart TVs, smartphones, and wearables such as smartwatches, as well as truly wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds and headphones. And of course, there are Amazon’s… Read More »

Google’s Latest Nest Cameras Now Work With Amazon Alexa

Google has introduced a new Alexa Skill that allows Amazon-made devices to play video from the search giant’s latest Nest Cam devices, allowing users of the Amazon Echo Show, Fire TV and Fire Tablet to view security camera footage captured by Nest cameras. Users can also engage in two-way talk with visitors at their doorstep,… Read More »