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By | August 30, 2022

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Bodhi Vandana Gatha Pdf Free

I am sending these pictures again since i still get some comments from last time. but i must say that i dont regret sending them for here is as i suppose the last episode of Tirtha Ratnata series.
Pantu Puja Marana Jataka Pdf Free

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Pongal Chavithi Jataka Pdf Free

Pongal Chavithi Jataka Pdf Free

This jataka has been sent to me by a friend and is a good example of collaboration of people who come together to learn and know better things as to how to increase spirituality in their lives.

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One day before Satyukta Ashram Panchangam, I received this beautiful poem by Sri B. Satchidananda.

It was written many years before Satyukta Ashram Panchangam by Sri Satchidananda and there are several versions of it.

Few years ago I got a copy of Sri Satchidananda’s book “Sri Satchidananda Saraswati Vasudev: Share of Heart and Life” by Mysore Sringeri Mutt.

There was a poem by Sri Satchidananda in that book which went by the name of “Sudama Ramji” who was born in Tamilnadu.

A few years ago I went through this poem and converted the same to English.

I will be sending this one to you since you have received several of them from me.

Since you would be receiving more such

in other words, only when we remember the truth about that action, can we look at it skillfully.
Bodhi Vandana Gatha (Bodhi? Vandana Gatha?) is an item of literature in Sri Lankan Buddhism.
Actually, it is a collection of discourses of the Buddha on the four categories of human body, thinking, methods and beliefs.

Bodhi Vandana Gatha


बुद्धि व्यवस्थिता चिरी

बुद्धि विध्वता गुडगमोथ

Bodhi Vandana Gatha (Bodhi? Vandana Gatha?)

It is basically a collection of words,
which was preserved by the monks from early Buddhist period.

In Sri Lankan Buddhism, Bodhi Vandana Gatha is recited daily by the monks and devotees.

Bodhi Vandana Gatha (Bodhi? Vandana Gatha?) is also used in Buddhist study on the basis of the principles of Buddhist ethical conduct, such as Samadhi Pariyatti or Gembala Pariyatti.

Major works of Sri Lankan Buddhism:

Major works of Sri Lankan Buddhism

The following works are the authoritative texts of the Buddhist religion:

Nidana Bhavana Samadhi

Nidana Bhavana Samadhi PDF, Bodhi Vandanagatha,

The Four Beliefs (Bodhipakkhiyadhamma),

The Four Noble Truths,

The Abhidhamma Pitaka,

The Sutta Pitaka,

The Vinaya Pitaka,

The Dhamma Pitaka,

The Cetasika Pitaka,

The Sabba Sutta,

Patham Jati,

Sutta Pitaka,

Aggi Veda,

Etthiya Veda,

Sutta Pitaka

These are the most authoritative scriptures in Buddhism and are recited daily.


Nivritti basuman,
I am Birju, I am a great believer in you. I look up to you as a guru for any kind of help. I have prayed to you some times for nithya bantha and for good health. I am the owner of…
I am Birju, I am a great believer in you. I look up to you as a guru for any kind of help. I have prayed to you some times for nithya bantha and for good health. I am the owner of Infyocentre. I would like to request you to kindly send us some priceless copies of Bodhi Vandana on white paper in color plus one or two ornaments. I will be really grateful to you.
As a religious person from last 20 years, I am overwhelmed to touch your feet.
Thanking you,

Regarding Bodhi Vandana Gathas, it is always difficult to get the right copy from the net with potential buyers and of course I need the authentic, correct and convenient copy which I want to own. I have not yet got the copy but no worries because even if you get the copy of Bodhi Vandana from a site, I will return it to you within a week on the note “It has been sent to me by the owner”…AMMAN (Reuters) – The U.S.-led military coalition in Syria said on Thursday it was deeply saddened by a Syrian government air strike that killed an American and two other people in a village controlled by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

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