Black Friday deal: HomePod Mini drops to $89 at Staples

By | November 26, 2021


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Picture this: It’s 3 p.m. and you’re halfway through making a huge dinner for the family. Pots are bubbling, the oven is pouring out the best smells, and you’re trying to prep some appetizers for when your guests arrive. Everything is on a different timer, and you’re more than a little stressed. This would go a lot smoother if you didn’t have to reach into your pocket to check the recipe on your phone or how long it’ll take for every timer you have set to run its course. What you could use is a HomePod Mini, a little bit of your phone sitting out where you can use your voice to control it. 

A HomePod Mini in the kitchen is a big help, and today it’s $10 cheaper than you’ll find it at Apple. 

You don’t usually see steep discounts on Apple’s audio or smart home tech, so this is a good opportunity to save a little cash and make your home a little smarter. The HomePod Mini works with your phone to control existing tech in your house, but will also work with recipe apps or just play music if you need something to keep your mind busy while you work in the kitchen. 

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