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A class of objects is a set of objects in an AutoCAD drawing with properties that are consistent. The drawing properties of the class itself are considered to be established. If a class with the same name exists in another drawing, the class in that drawing will be the default. The definition of a class is an AutoCAD drawing property with the Type of Class attribute set to 2.

A class object is a single object in an AutoCAD drawing. The definition of a class is an AutoCAD drawing property with the Type of Class attribute set to 1 or 2.

Classes are used to define drawing structures such as a section, detail, block, and several other objects.

All AutoCAD objects are drawn in layers. Layers are containers of drawings that can be named and managed with the object. Layers are displayed and edited using Layer Properties Manager (LPM). LPM is a system-level command to create, edit, and delete layers. Layers can contain any kind of AutoCAD object. A class object is created within a layer. Layers are typically the containers in which drawings are stored.


A section is a structural, design, and manufacturing component. A section object draws and defines a drawing component as a frame around an area to be drawn or manipulated.


A block is a subpart of a section. A block is a simple shape, such as a rectangle, circle, ellipse, polyline, arc, star, 3D model, or polygon, which is arranged as a substructure of a section.


A submodel is a smaller model that is placed within a larger model.


A detail is a section, block, or any object with properties that define the design intent and appearance.


A topology is a layout of objects that is not associated with a drawing. AutoCAD’s topology commands allow users to define the position and size of objects, which is not drawn as an image.


A feature is a drawing component. It is the only type of drawing object in the Graphics panel. Features can be tools, blocks, layers, or sections.


A mesh is a tool used in a drawing to represent the boundary of a solid object. Meshes can be created by selecting the Boundary command.

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user interface

Since the beginning, AutoCAD Full Crack has used a simplified visual design. It used a box with a white background and two gray arrows (two adjacent dots for a 3D viewer) to represent the edge of a CAD drawing and the cursor. It could display three layers at a time, with a solid fill for the top layer, outline for the second and a solid fill for the bottom layer, and could highlight parts of the drawing by coloring them with a brush of the user’s choice. Individual user-defined commands and tools were displayed as icons. In the absence of any graphical user interface tool, the user could use a text-based editor. The interface was initially based on the UCSF Screen editor, and later adopted a menu-driven interface that resembled the MAC OS X Aqua user interface.

Starting in AutoCAD 2000, a new graphical interface was introduced. First used in the Autodesk WS Architecture software, the new interface was based on 3D-enabled designs such as 3D Studio Max. The 3D interface allows for a more direct way to create views of the 3D model and interact with the model.

The top of the interface has a menu bar. It contains tools for opening, saving, saving as, and printing drawings and lists tools used for editing the drawing.

The menu bar contains options for using AutoCAD’s drawing tools. A number of 3D drawing tools are also available. A top down view toolbar is available on the toolbar. The top down view includes tools for rotating, panning and zooming the view. The top down view is used to create views of the 3D model. The drawing space is represented by a 3D wireframe view. Zooming the view allows for the different points of view in the model to be presented.

Starting with AutoCAD 2002, the 3D interface was used for a number of tools. A 3D window was added to the interface. It includes commands for editing the 3D model. The window displays a wireframe for the 3D model. The top down view toolbar and the top down view are still available. Panning and zooming the view can be done using these tools. The 3D window and toolbar can be docked to the side of the screen.

The 3D toolbar and view can be docked to one of three docking regions on the main window: the upper right, upper left, and lower left regions of the main window. The upper right region is

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What’s New In?

Print preview from the top-left corner and easy-to-use tooltips with size and position hints.

Embroidery and silkscreen vector fonts and provide rapid printing.

Add custom antialiasing to your fonts, patterns, and symbols.

Identify holes and seams in imported files. (video: 1:06 min.)

Export files for other vector-based formats.

Use the tooltips to scroll quickly through the drawing history.

See detailed tooltips and a new help document for important new features.

Click & Draw in the AutoCAD Top Bar:

Completely redesigned icons and hotkeys for common commands.

Get consistent vector results for drawing strokes, and see specific tooltips for each type of tool. (video: 1:24 min.)

Extend common commands to make them easier and more efficient.

Paint and Trace:

New brush tools help you draw cleanly, and the AutoCAD 2D Paint and Trace tool enables you to trace objects or paths in drawings. (video: 1:29 min.)

Use the Brush Preset Manager to customize brush settings, apply a new look for existing brushes, and browse Brushes in Draw Content.

Use the 2D Paint and Trace tool to easily generate clean, high-quality paths.

Add custom antialiasing to your drawings.

View and edit points, using the Show Points button to see their locations on the page.

Use Draw the Edge to trace lines, curves, or objects.

See a tutorial video for the new 2D Paint and Trace tool.

2D Drafting Tools:

More accurate paths, including rectangles and squares, for creating lines, circles, and arcs.

Draw a rectangle with an exact size and position.

Scale paths to set lengths precisely.

Cancel your drawing with the ESC key, or define a point to end your path.

New Draw and Fill tools to quickly draw lines, shapes, and areas with borders.

Use Vector Path tool to trace objects.

Lasso, Crosshair, and Drop tools, plus other useful tools for drawing line, rectangles, circles, and arcs.

See the tutorial video for 2D Drafting Tools.

2D Dimension

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

• OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit
• CPU: Intel Core i3-8100 or AMD FX-8320 (4C/8T)
• RAM: 6GB
• GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 (2GB)
• DirectX: Version 11
• Network: Broadband internet connection
• Storage: 3GB
• Controller: Xbox 360 Controller