7 Walmart deals you won’t find at Amazon

By | December 6, 2021

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As the holiday shopping season continues, retailers are constantly trying to one-up and undercut each other’s deals. While that often translates into better savings for us, it also makes it more difficult to tell if you’re actually getting the best deal or if it is even cheaper somewhere else. Instead of sorting through page after page and comparing prices, let us do that for you. 

We’ve sifted through Walmart’s Deals for Days offers, with a focus on bargains not available on Amazon (which doesn’t sell a lot of Google products, for instance) and other discounts that seem to be Walmart-specific (at the time of writing). Though prices and availability are always subject to change, here are some great Walmart deals that you can shop right now.

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During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, deals on the Oculus Quest 2 were pretty slim. The best we saw was a free $50 gift card with purchase, but no actual drops in price. While this isn’t exactly a deal, Walmart is offering a chance to grab one of these VR headsets for $100 less than the next best option. These 64GB models are no longer available from most major retailers, but Walmart must have been saving a batch until after Black Friday madness. Though they’re technically refurbished, it’s a fairly safe bet as Walmart is offering the same one-year warranty that comes with new models. You can read our full breakdown of the deal here.

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Google’s second-gen Nest Hub smart display offers a 7-inch display that you can watch videos on, read recipes, host video chats and more. You can ask Google Assistant to help with math problems or measurement conversions, tell you the weather each day and even control your smart home gear. At this price, you may want to just grab two of them since you’re going to want them around the house.

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Since its release back in 2017, the Switch has been one of Nintendo’s most popular consoles of all time. And during 2020, as folks in lockdown re-engaged with video games in a big way, it was nearly impossible to find one. Now, the landscape has changed. An all-new Switch OLED model for 2021 is the new hard-to-get model, but the standard Switch is easier to find. The Black Friday bundle that included a free copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is now mostly sold out, but Walmart has its own new bundle that includes a free carrying case and a 12-month subscription to Nintendo Online, roughly a $35 value, for free. Get one of these while you can: It’s likely they’ll sell out quickly.


This bundle was available for just $25 during Black Friday. In the days since, it’s popped up to $40 — but that’s still a solid savings. This Google Assistant-enabled smart display comes in two different colors (gray and blue), and this deal also scores you a free smart bulb with your purchase. You can use the display to control smart home devices, check the weather, as a digital photo frame and much more. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential (also not available at Amazon) can be found at Walmart for $25, albeit without a smart bulb included.

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The original Chromecast offered a different kind of streaming than Roku or the Amazon Fire Stick TV, allowing you to stream or “cast” content from your phone, or even mirror your computer screen on the TV. Its major drawback, however, was that it lacked any kind of browsing interface. This new model, preloaded with Google TV, brings you the best of both streaming worlds. You can still cast content from your phone or computer, or you can browse content conveniently pulled from multiple different streaming services. You can even search with your voice using either the remote or any Google Assistant-enabled devices. Read our Chromecast review

Read our Chromecast with Google TV review.



The Shark EZ Robot Vacuum makes cleaning easy. Suited for both carpet and hardwood floors, this vacuum can cover every room in your house, methodically cleaning row by row. When it’s done, it will automatically return to the base to recharge and empty itself, so you hardly have to think about it. Just activate it with the touch of a button (or even the sound of your voice through Google Assistant-enabled devices) and come home to a clean house day after day. We can’t find this exact model at Amazon, and a similar one is selling for $100 more.


Get powerful, immersive sound right in your living room with this Samsung soundbar and subwoofer set. With bluetooth connection, you can place the subwoofer out of sight and help create a surround sound feel. This set is compatible with other Samsung speakers as well, so it’s a great starting point or addition to your home setup. At Amazon, we’re seeing this same unit selling for about $240

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